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King Rama 7

Agriculture under the Royal Patronage of Thai Kings

The impacts of Great Depression resulting from the 1st World War continued well into the subsequent reign of King Prajatipok. His majesty was quick to adrress all the problems to the best of his ability through decreases in unnecessary public expenditure, a reduction in the number of civil servants and military staff, cuts in the budget allocated to the royal court, as well as the merging of certain ministries. Yet, his majesty continued to support the countrys agrivultural sector consistently. In particular, his majesty paid special attention to the problems faced by the farmers as evident in his decision over the petition lodged by farmers to request rebates in farm taxes in the aftermath of damage to farm production. Also, his majesty encourage the farmers to learn and apply modern agrcultural machinery in their farming. His initiatives relating to the establishment of a bank network provided a potential solution to many problems aggravating the beleaguered farmers, ranging from lack of capital, and profiteering practices by middlemen. His majestys initiatives culminated in the resolution of the State Council on 21 May, B.E. 2474 (1931) determining the establishment of local banks alongside with the extension of co-operatives. Closely related to this development was his majestys remaks " Co-operatives are a means to prevent any loss of farmers land into the hands of foreigners, or the wealthy who do not till the land. His majesty was of the opiniont that the development of co-operatives would also lay the foundations for the building up of poitical awareness on the part of Thai people in the future.
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