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King Rama 8

Agriculture under the Royal Patronage of Thai Kings

The compounds of the 2nd Agricultural and Commercial Exposition at Sra Patum Palace.
After the Revolution on 24 June B.E. 2475 (1932) and the enactment of the 1st constitution as the supreme legal framework under the administration of a cabinet in the constitutional monarchy tradition, Thai monarchs continued to pursue their missions by overseeing the welfare of their populace, especially in the field of agriculture. When King Ananthamahidol (Rama VIII), the subsequent king, ascended the throne, one of the favourite royal missions during his return to the country was his visits to farming communities in Nontaburi, Patumtani, and Chachoengsao Provinces. Her Royal Highness Princess Galayani wrote in the book entitled the young kings "King Rama VIII once recounted that he went to
Pra Pradaeng. One of the canals was running so shallow that he had to use a ferry boat. He had a good time talking to the farmers in the country ...” The last mission his majesty performed before passing away was casting seedlings onto the soil while visiting farmers at the Bangkane Central Agricutural Centre on 5 June, B.E. 2489 (1946).
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