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Ayutthaya Period

Agriculture under the Royal Patronage of Thai Kings

With the passage of time, agriculture became the major ecoonomic factor during the Ayutthaya period. This can be clearly seen in the fact that King Borom Trailokanart of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya commanded the investiture of the Krom Na, the Bureau of Paddy Fields, which constituted one of the four columns of Thailands administrative entities of Jatusadom - composed of Wiang (the City), Wang (Bureau of the Lord Chamberlain), Klang (Bureau of the Exchequer), and Na (the Bureau of Paddy Fields). The Bureau of Paddy Fields was assigned with the tasks of overseeing, administering, and managing old Siams agricultural sector. Agriculture continuously constituted a major royal mission of the Thai Crown throughout the Ayutthaya period, giving rise to economic prosperity for the kingdom, as well as boosting up morale for the populace. Royal contributions took the forms of such ceremonies as the Royal Ploughing Ceremony in the 6th month of the lunar calendar just before cultivation began, the Piroonnasastra Ceremony, or the Royal Rain-seeking Ceremony, in the 10th month of the lunar calendar in years drought prevailed, as well as the Royal Predictive Rice-burning Ceremony in the 3rd month of the lunar calendar after harvesting was over.

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